About Our Store

Since 2004, Canagem® has brought to our customers, impossible to find specimens of meteorites, minerals, fossils and gemstones from around the world, and beyond.  I welcome you to our shop and hope that you will find something of interest in our many collections.  We have something for anyone interested in Rocks or minerals from all parts of the world plus rare specimens from meteorites and related artifacts that can connect you with some parts of the Universe.

Our background, like most collectors, began our rock enthusiast journey one specimen at a time.  It probably started by picking up some pebble we found on the path to school or by finding an interesting rock on a gravel path or even collecting some interesting, tumbled rock found at the beach. At some point, we graduated to buying some rare and interesting specimens listed on auction sites until we found incredible and unique pieces available from worldwide specialized dealers and distributors.  We found some amazingly rare pieces which in turn grabbed our imagination to look for more.   There is certainly a great feeling when finding an extraordinary crystal, an amazing remnant from space or a magnificent cut gemstone so unique, rare and fascinating to add to your collection. 

Ultimately, we have arrived at a point where we wanted to share our love of rare and amazingly fascinating rocks and gemstones, fossils and minerals, meteorites and anything else related that we have on offer. Each specimen is presented with its provenance, its specifications and other related information of importance and we also provide certificates and cards with each specimen we sell so you can keep it together in your collection.  Premium gemstones will come with appraisals as specified in the description. I personally guarantee your satisfaction or get your money back, no questions asked. Thank you for shopping at Canagem!
Jean Gingras
Impossible to find specimens of meteorites, minerals, fossils and gemstones.