Apophyllite Crystal on Prehnite Cluster | 68 grams | Mumbai, India

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Prehnite can form prismatic, tabular, or pyramidal crystals, but usually occurs in botryoidal, reniform, stalactitic, granular, or compact habits.  It is usually green in colour, but may be white, colourless, yellow, or gray.  It has a colourless streak.  Prehnite is transparent to translucent, with a vitreous to pearly luster.  Prehnite forms in cavities in basaltic lavas.

 Apophyllite is a mineral known for its distinctive crystal formations, often occurring in clusters with a unique beauty.  Its crystals are usually colorless or white, allowing them to be transparent or translucent. Although, some specimens may exhibit a greenish, yellowish, or pinkish tint due to the presence of impurities.

Apophyllite is believed to have a calming effect, and to effectively reduce stress, releasing mental blockages and negative thought patterns. Apophyllite is also said to release suppressed emotion, to overcome anxiety, worries and fears. It calms apprehensions and allows uncertainty to be tolerated.

Prehnite is said to be a stone of unconditional love and the crystal to heal the healer. Placing it in the garden is believed to help make a home into a healing sanctuary and teach one how to be in harmony with nature. A good Fung Shui stone, prehnite is said to be helpful for decluttering, helping one let go of possessions no longer needed.

Name: Apophyllite and Prehnite Cluster Crystal
Specimen Size:  Miniature-Sized
Dimensions: 52x41x33 mm / 2x1.6x1.3 inches
Weight: 68 Grams / 2.4 Ounces
Origin: Mined in Mumbai (Bombay), India

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