Black Onaping | 217 Grams | Impactite Breccia Slice | Sudbury Structure, Canada

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This is a must have 217.7 gram slice of Black Onaping Impact Fallback Breccia from the famous Sudbury Impact Structure in Ontario Canada. It's dimensions are 126x117x7 mm.  Although not a meteorite, impactites are directly linked to them and their impacts and are probably going to be one of the rarest collection piece you'll ever own. 

About 1.87 billion years ago, an object from space 9 kilometers in diameter, slammed into Canada a little north of Sudbury, Ontario creating the second largest impact structure on the earth. This impact was equivalent to a billion tons of TNT; an impact so great that it cracked the earth, in fact they still have earthquakes because of it today!

This specimen of Sudbury Black Onaping Breccia is a lithified fallback breccia composed of melt glass and country target rock fragments. This meteorite impact created a large mushroom cloud that fell back down to earth to create this breccia. "Bucky Ball Fullerine" with terrestrial carbon in the form of C-60 and C-70 is found in this type of Sudbury impact rock. Greenish-Blueish dust covered Tektites can also be found within its matrix. The Onaping forms in two layers, the first one is grey and second one is black.

The many mineral rich deposits and strange rock formations in such close proximity has attracted attention for 100's of years, long before its impact origin was known.  Thomas Edison, for instance, built a lab on site and NASA Moonwalker "Gene" Cernan, who studied and collected geology samples as part of his pre-moon mission training.

Would be a beautiful addition to any new or existing collection. Comes with a Canagem Collection specimen card.

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