Cerussite and Pink Barite on Galena Matrix | 85 gr | Morocco

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This is a sparkly cluster of small Cerussite crystals cornered by pink bladed barite on a bed of galena. 

Cerussite is commonly known as white lead and is an important ore mineral.  It consists of lead carbonate which crystallizes in the orthorhombic system.  Its color will vary depending on the composition and structure, with colorless, white, grey and green tinted, being the most common colors of crystals found.

Barite crystal formations grow in parallel sheets that almost appear fibrous. It is well-known for its great range of colors and varied crystal forms and habits. 

Galena is the most important ore of lead, and has been used for its lead content for thousands of years. Galena metallic gray luster is the perfect base for this trio of minerals.

Name: Cerussite, Barite Crystal on Galena Cluster
Specimen Size:  Miniature-Sized
Dimensions: 55x38x19 mm / 2.2x1.5x0.7 inches
Weight: 85 Grams / 3 Ounces
Origin: Mined in Mibladen Mining District, Midelt, Khenifra Province, Morocco

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