Hydroxylherderite on Quartz Points | Perky Box Thumbnail Specimen | Bennett Quarry, Buckfield Maine, USA

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This is a stunning thumbnail sized specimen of Quartz and Hydroxylherderite.  There are many fully terminated quartz point, some of them surrounding the Hydroxylherderite.  Some crystallized pyrite is visible on the bottom of the cluster.

Quartz crystals are among the most abundant and well-known minerals on Earth. Quartz belongs to the hexagonal crystal system. It typically forms six-sided prismatic crystals with a pointed termination. Its crystals can be colorless or exhibit a wide range of colors. The color variations are often due to the presence of impurities or trace elements during the crystal's formation. Quartz is transparent to translucent. 

Hydroxylherderite is a relatively rare mineral that belongs to the phosphate mineral group. It is comes in a variety of colours: Colourless, gray, brown, pale yellow, greenish white, light blue, and purple.  Notable occurrences of Hydroxylherderite include Brazil, Afghanistan, and the United States.

This specimen would be a beautiful addition to any new or existing collection.

Name: Quartz and Hydroxylherderite
Specimen Size:  Thumbnail-Sized
Dimensions: 25x19 mm / 1.0x0.8 inches
                      Specimen Box 33x33 mm / 1.3x1.3 inches  
Weight:  14.8 Grams / 0.5 Ounces (including box)  
Origin:  Bennet Quarry, Buckfield, Maine

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