Microcline Feldspar | Large Cluster | 389 grams | Nevada USA

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This Microcline feldspar cluster from Nevada is a quality specimen that would be a beautiful addition to any new or existing rock collection.

Microcline is one of the most common feldspar minerals. It can be colorless, white, cream to pale yellow, salmon pink to red, or bright green to blue-green. Microcline forms short prismatic or tabular crystals that are often of considerable size: single crystals can weigh several tons and reach yards in length.

Crystals are often multiply twinned, with two sets of fine lines at right angles to each other. This gives a plaid effect that is unique to microcline among the feldspars. 

Name:  Microcline 
Specimen Size:  Large Cabint-Sized
Dimensions: 116x88x45 mm / 4.6x3.5x1.8 inches
Weight: 389 grams / 13.7 oz
Origin:  Search Light District, Nevada, USA

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