Moissanite | Round Diamond Cut | White | 5mm | SO24

Product Type: Moissanite 
Approx Weight (per piece): 0.44ct  
Size: 5mm  
Shape: Round Diamond Cut  
Color: White D-E  
Clarity:   VVS  
Origin:   China  
Treatment: None  

Moissanite has become a popular alternative to diamonds for jewelry.  Moissanites have a similar appearance to diamonds and often look nearly identical to the untrained eye. They share the brilliance, sparkle, and fire that diamonds are known for, making them an attractive choice. With moissanite, it is possible to have a beautiful gemstone for a fraction of the price of a diamond.  Moissanites are primarily produced in laboratories, offering a controlled and consistent quality. This aspect appeals to those who prefer gemstones with known origins and minimal environmental impact.

Originally discovered in a meteorite crater, Moissanite is well known worldwide as the world’s most brilliant gemstone, better than diamonds. Moissanite is incredibly rare in its natural form; however, lab created moissanite is identical to the original with hardness second only to diamond.  Moissanites have a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, while  diamonds are a 10.  This makes moissanite suitable for everyday wear and less prone to scratching or damage.

This sparkling round cut moissanite is a great choice for any jewelry project.



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love this company and their product. but mostly love that i can add them as one of my reliable go-to's for sourcing my gemstones and believe me, that list is very small!! highly recommend!