Olivine Volcanic Bomb | Lava Coated Crystal | 68.9 grams | Mortlake, Victoria, Australia

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An olivine volcanic bomb is a type of volcanic rock that contains olivine crystals and has been ejected during a volcanic eruption. Olivine is a mineral that is commonly found in the Earth's mantle and is one of the first minerals to crystallize as magma cools.

Volcanic bombs are large clots of lava that are ejected from a volcano during an explosive eruption. They can vary in size, and their shapes are often streamlined due to their molten nature as they are thrown through the air. When these volcanic bombs contain olivine crystals, they are referred to as olivine volcanic bombs.

The crystal face of this piece is a natural window.  It shows the green olivine crystals that are within the lava crust beautifully. 

Would be a beautiful addition to any new or existing collection. Comes with a Canagem Collection specimen card.

Name: Olivine Crystal Bomb 
Specimen Size:  Miniature-Sized
Dimensions: 54x38x35 mm / 2.1x1.5x1.4 Inches
Weight: 68.9 Grams / 2.4 Ounces
Details: Volcanic activity Mortlake, Victoria, Australia

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