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Ulexite, also known as "TV rock" due to its unique optical properties, is a mineral that belongs to the borate mineral group. Its most distinctive characteristic is its natural fiber optic behavior, which allows it to transmit light along its crystal structure's long axis. When placed over an image or text, ulexite can create a captivating effect resembling a projection or reflection. This property has led to its popular moniker, as it evokes the appearance of a television screen. Ulexite is primarily composed of boron, sodium, calcium, and oxygen, and its crystals are often found in sedimentary environments, typically forming in arid regions where evaporation and concentration of boron-rich solutions occur.

Ulexite is often associated with enhancing one's intuition, psychic abilities, and inner vision. It is believed to act as a conduit for receiving insights from higher realms and promoting clarity of thought. Ulexite is thought to stimulate the third eye and crown chakras, facilitating a stronger connection to higher consciousness and spiritual realms. Devotees of ulexite also believe that its gentle energy can help individuals access hidden truths and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

You will receive 1 Ulexite crystal.  Each Ulexite is beautiful and unique, variations in size and shape should be expected.  Note the specimen shown in the photos represent a small selection of what we have in stock, the size and shape of the specimen we send will vary. 

Name: Ulexite "TV Rock"
Dimensions: 40x30x11 mm Average Individual Piece
Weight: 20 Grams Average Individual Piece
Origin: Mined in Boron, California, USA

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Ulexite "TV Rock"

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Ulexite "TV Rock"

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